Dicks 4 Dicks was an out of the box concept, in collaboration with Jordan Finlayson, Teresa Leung, and Kirsten Graf, to try and raise money and awareness for those who suffer from HIV/AIDS. All of the money raised from this campaign was intended to go to the HIV Community Link in Calgary. Photo credit to Jordan Peters.

HIV Kickstarter Image, Cover
HIV Kickstarter Image, Spread
HIV Kickstarter Image, Promo
Dicks 4 Dicks, Cover
Dicks 4 Dicks, Inside Cover
Dicks 4 Dicks, Spread 1
Dicks 4 Dicks, Spread 2
Dicks 4 Dicks, Spread 3
Dicks 4 Dicks, Spread 4
Dicks 4 Dicks, Spread 5
Dicks 4 Dicks, Inside Back Cover
Dicks 4 Dicks, Back Cover
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